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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Lead Article Co., Ltd. has a very private policy. We have direct Website Description Access to the important information of Bangkok, Thailand. Our Database is collected, used and share’s information when you visit or use our website. (Mobile and desktop) and applications on mobile devices are connect via chat or email.  Social media: The information below is the conclusion of all of our privacy policies. For more information you can read details below.

  1. Collecting all information such as names, telephone numbers, emails, and credit card information when you use our services in a secret and discreet way keeping all of your information from the public.
  1. Using Website Information May use your information in order to provide the service you have requested, take care of, and improve the Website and send you marketing news.
  1. Portable devices: We will ask for your consent beforehand. So we may send notification messages. Which specify your booking information with the LikeStays program you joined.
  1. Data sharing website may share your information with our suppliers, service providers and partners.
  1. Domestic and international data transfer with Website takes appropriate preventive measures. For data transfer across borders Which is in accordance with the law for transferring data within the country and between countries.
  1. Information from partners of third party websites. website may collect data from affiliated agencies., business partners or third-party service providers and you may also be able to refuse to collect this information.
  1. Data protection. Here at website we use the highest security measures to protect your information and use the same standards as everyone who uses the service.
  1. Privacy policy update. Privacy policy updates any content changes by posting an updated privacy policy on the website and takes the necessary steps.
  1. Additional considerations / In case of request to cancel the reservation. Information about minors, Policy language, and terms of use Request to cancel a reservation. The deposit cannot be refunded unless there are some exceptions.
  1. Cookies. There may be use of cookies on our website or the third person to facilitate all customers. But there are conditions, that you can cancel the follow or follow at any time.
  1. Contact Us. Please contact us if you have any queries about this privacy policy or regarding the use of this policy you can contact us through the message box 24 hours a day.

1. Data collection and collection

When you use our service, we shall collect information about you that you provide to us such as your name, address, telephone number, credit card information, email, accommodation name, location of accommodation and / or length of stay and your account code when you book accommodation. In addition, for flight information we may collect passenger names, birthdays, nationalities, and passport details. Which includes the passport number, passport country and the expiration date, including Visa travel to study or travel to work to get information for service and help you use our service Which will have a result in the team to ask us to help you the best.

When you visit LikeStay we may also collect certain usage data automatically, such as IP address, geographic information, country, search settings related to specific searches, browser and information about the operating system of your device, application version Language setting and the website page shown to you, if you use a portable device to use the app or mobile to view our LikeStay website. We may collect information indicating your mobile device, such as the device number. Device location (With your permission) and equipment settings and specifications always and you can cancel at any time you want.

If you need to contact customer relations or contact us through other means (such as social media or contact the accommodation via the Like Stay website). We will collect your information from other channels too.

When you write a comment about the accommodation you booked or other additional services that our website offers through us. We will collect your information in reviews and comments. Which includes your first name and country of residence. You can join our referral programs or other promotions. This participation will also provide us with your personal information. You can also comment on your use or request help through the Like Stay website or our various communication tools.

When you book accommodation to share with other guests you provide us with such information as part of the booking process or if you book accommodation to allow others to stay you are responsible for making sure that the person or group you give us personal information about acknowledge that he/she did so and understands and accepts the way that the Like Stay website uses that information (As detailed in this privacy policy)

Our accommodation partners may also share your personal information with us. This may occur in the event that you have questions regarding a booking that has not been confirmed or have a dispute regarding your reservation.

Some personal information or sensitive matters such as religion or health-related information are considered sensitive information and may require additional protection under applicable law. Although we generally do not collect sensitive personal information for standard bookings.

However, we may need to collect such information from time to time, such as those specified in government-issued identity documents or medical certificates if they support the transaction or request that you request us to process. On your behalf, such as canceling or modifying your booking information.

 You may choose to provide other information to us, which may imply or convey information such as religion, health, or other information. Such as when you specify the requirements regarding the type of food that needs to be served the collection and processing of such sensitive personal information will be in accordance with what is set forth in this privacy statement.

When the law specifies we here follow all legal principles regarding the processing of your personal information.

1.1 Compliance with the contract we made with you – We need to share information with the control center and the third website or Third person, if you agree to the benefits and for the best service for customers. You can cancel at any time.

1.2 Legal Benefits – We process your information for security. Counterfeiting in all cases we will exclude rights from agreements made with us and to investigate and prevent fraud to protect and protect the rights or property of others and our own rights or property. To provide you with travel-related reservations and are especially relevant to your interests. In response to legal requests, court orders and legal process, we will take legal action to the fullest.

1.3 Compliance with legal obligations – We need to process your information in order to comply with applicable laws. The requirements of relevant laws and regulations in that country legally for the highest security of the company and the user.

1.4 Sensitive personal information, Direct marketing news submissions. You can unsubscribe to direct marketing news at any time. Protect the highest priority benefits. We may process your information in the event of an emergency. Which are related to the life or health of that person.

2. Use of information

We may use the information collected via the Like Stay website to:

2.1 Provide the requested service such as creating user accounts Processing and confirming your booking and communication with you regarding the service you requested

2.2 Protecting the security of you and the site

2.3 Using rights or obligations that are authorized or defined by law. Which includes responding to requests and legal claims

When you make a reservation on one of our business partner websites or apps. We may receive certain information, such as your name and booking information. Including accommodation that you have booked to process your booking and specify which way your booking came from.

While talking on the phone with the customer. For confidence in the service because the staff may have a mistake in our data transmission, Like Stay Co., Ltd. may record conversations for reference and improve our services. Which includes the use of sound recordings when receiving complaints.

When training and for fraudulent investigations if you wish to not record a conversation. You can refuse by informing the staff or placing a phone call. The recorded conversation will be preserved for a period of time and will be deleted automatically after that. If for some legal purposes. In case it has to be kept in order to accompany a legal case.

“Unsubscribing from newsletters from us”

You can cancel or choose not to receive emails from us at any time.

We may access communications and may use automated systems to review, examine, and analyze communications for security purposes. Fraud prevention Compliance with legal regulations and requirements.

Investigation of actions that may constitute misconduct, developing and improving products, research, customer interactions. Including providing information and proposals that we believe may be of interest to your customer services and technical assistance.

We reserve the right to stop communication or review communications. Which we believe in our sole discretion that may contain malicious content is sending spam messages or may be harmful to you or our accommodation partners and others.

We will be the recipients and store all messages and communications sent or received. By using the communication tools of our site, business partners from the platform you use to book accommodations and accommodation partners may choose to communicate directly with you Via email or other methods which we do not control.

3. Portable devices

With your consent we may send you a warning message stating your booking information, such as hotel reservations, car rentals, reservations for further study. Including reservations for other activities that the website provides. You may allow us to access your location or contact information.

In order for us to provide the service you requested When you upload images from a portable device. Your pictures may be tagged with your address information. Please read the manual of your mobile device. To understand how to change settings and enable the sharing of such information or enable (or disable).

Notifications. Please understand the notification settings.


Our website focuses on and pays more attention to safety and protection and prevents me from hoping to defraud and blackmail sensitive customer information. We will keep it a secret and will not reveal any information that may cause you any damage in all cases.

4. Information sharing

For visiting our website and using our service. We may share your information as follows:

4.1 Travel Service Providers, such as accommodation. We handle information verification before offering on the website. Check and confirm the correctness first and may present alternatives or offers from partners or third-party websites as an option for members.

4.2 Third-party service providers. Service providers provide us with operations such as credit card processing and payments, Business data analysis, Customer relations, Marketing, or Survey distribution to provide convenience to online services and advertisements that match your interests and / or fraud prevention.

Our third-party service providers will only process information that is necessary to perform such operations. Third party service providers are not allowed to share or use data for other purposes.

 4.3 We may share your information with educational institutions or a partner providing education services to give you options and make decisions about choosing to study at that institution more.

4.4 We may share your education and work history for some institutions requesting more details. But will let you know first.

4.5 When the law requires or allows – such as to protect yourself from responsibility to comply with the subpoena according to the judicial process according to the certificate or equivalent.

As requested by law enforcement officials or the competent authorities to search for corruption or wrongdoing or as other needs in accordance with the applicable law and to protect our legal benefits.

Including disclosing personal information to buyers regarding sales assignments and other transfers of some or all of our business or company. In addition, in accordance with applicable law Agoda may also disclose your information.

In order to enforce or use the terms and conditions related to our service of to protect the rights, property, or safety of Agoda, users and others.

4.6 Business Restructuring – We will be announced via press releases.

Disclosure of this privacy policy or according to the laws enforced or allowed and in accordance with the laws of that country. We will not disclose your information to third parties without your consent. Our website has the highest data security. We are strict with all staff.

5. Data transfer within the country and between countries. Website takes appropriate preventive measures. For data transfer across borders Which is in accordance with the law for transferring data within the country and between countries. For the purposes specified above.

Your information may be stored in locations located within and outside your country. Which may have different data security standards in that country. Your information we provide the best protection for you and the transnational data transfer. As required by law for international data transfers. Which includes information transferred to third parties for such transfers from economic zones and other jurisdictions.

You may request information about appropriate security measures that we use. Including education, Various travels. That we will transfer some information to the school and some workplaces with additional articles. But must have consent from always.

6. Information from other partners or Other third-party websites

Sometimes affiliated legal entities business partners, schools, or other third-party suppliers may share information with us, for example, if you use or access our website.

Through social media such as Facebook Connect, we may collect information from you such as usernames and other information. That we can access through that service. In general, your ability to provide such information will be through that service provider and you can change those settings from the account settings page of the relevant service provider in general.

We may work with our partners to improve your use of our website and personal settings for you to use in accordance with this privacy policy.

Our Facebook Fan page also provides a part of communication. If you are on Facebook and user and logged in via Facebook’s there will be a one-click login tool.

If so, our website will provide personal information to you. Data Admission to your partner’s institution / stay on Facebook, which contains past and future accommodation information booked through the site. Information that may be displayed includes the name of accommodation, date of stay, location of accommodation. Reviews of accommodation that you’ve stayed in, rooms and room rates, Educational review information, Car rental reviews, Academy reviews and such information may display and set personal preferences for you.

In addition, your stay information will still be visible to our Facebook friends and our customers. Which you can share the information on the fan page at any time or do not reveal what you want at any time.

7. Protecting your information will protect your information with maximum security and we implement security measure practices with the best effort in electronics and the organization to use our best to protect your information from damage.

Fraudulent occurrences by accident or unlawful accidental loss, modification and disclosure or unauthorized access to information with the same section and equally everyone can save credit card information in your account. For faster booking and payment in the future. Your credit card information is encrypted and you can log in to your account to delete, edit or add details Of credit card for security reasons.

You are not able to edit credit card numbers. (But can delete the credit card information) when you check the credit card details we will have a validation system for debiting money every time. Because every transfer of money, we will be the intermediary for payment of accommodation and various expenses for the safety and confidential information of every customer. Which we emphasize as the most important thing

Caution and warnings.

If there is money transfer without account transfer or credit card deduction from our website due to fraud occurring, Like Stay Company Limited will not be responsible for damages in all cases. Because you have a financial transaction beyond our responsibility.

8. Privacy policy update

An update to our privacy policy when it’s time to change for us to be modern and always up to date. Done to reflect the changed law and Our data collection procedures and guidelines for how we use them. We will specify the effective date at the top of the privacy policy, so

You should therefore check this privacy policy regularly. To be informed of our latest guidelines and practices. We will inform you before using it and ask for your permission if the law requires. We do not forget to always accept suggestions from users. For the perfection of the system to facilitate the best services for you.

9. Additional considerations / In case of request to cancel the reservation Co., Ltd. will accept suggestions and complaints or always wanting additional needs, if you wish to submit suggestions. However, what we always say is financial security and after sales service are most important.

However, we have the scope of the customer service such as accommodation, we will guide you. In the scope of accommodation matters only or book accommodation for education or bookings as well as contact education. We will only provide accommodation information, restrictions, regulations, and institution details that you have booked through us. As for reserving accommodation for work. We will provide advice on accommodation and work details only.

We confirm the service via the text box on the website.

24 hours.

Notes about minors

Our website is not made for minors under the age of 18. However, minors can travel with their parents or the legal guardian who can book the accommodation. Unless the property policy does not allow.


This Privacy Policy is written in English and Thai. The policy can be read in that language or in the country where Like Stay Company Limited has an office there.

In case of cancellation

In terms of booking a short-term accommodation with us. According to the announcement that the owner announced, there are no conditions for free, if there is a cancellation for reservation the website will be an intermediary to collect damages for the accommodation owner and pay to the accommodation owner on time. But if the announcement states that reservations can be canceled up to 24 hours before arrival. The company will not charge customers in all cases. If there is a system error.

Able to notify to collect data and report usage problems at

The likestay company will pay to you within 7-14 days.


Everyone should read the terms of use, cancellation of that hotel reservation carefully to book and cancel. Because some cases do not include the free cancellation condition 24 hours before the stay.

Like in the case of booking long-term accommodation for education Will not include free cancellation regulations before 24 hours.

10. Cookies

We may ask for permission to put cookies on our Like Stay website and including allowing certain third parties to put cookies on our website to collect information about your online activities (such as your accessibility, needs and search data) from various websites which you visit.

This information will be used for our ads designed specifically for your interests. (Via email, our site and other websites) and from third parties on other websites you may visit (Generally called Principles of advertising based on consumer interest) and to analyze the effectiveness of ads based on consumer interest with third-party partners (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.), which may include information to show what interests you.

To provide you with the best and full functionality you need:

• To adjust the service site to meet your needs by remembering your activities (such as the language you choose to use or your login information Search data on the websites you visit). We may also use cookies in conjunction with other automatically collected usage data. To recognize users who use multiple devices logins to send customized information to meet the needs and also easy to access for you to be convenient and fast.

• To post advertisements that are of particular interest to you, make decisions and assemble your needs. When wanting to use the service

Cross-device tracking.

We may take information collected through cookies and information about certain uses from certain browsers or mobile devices. To be combined with another computer or device that may be linked to you (Cross-device tracking) to provide you with the best service possible. Including communicating and displaying our advertisements that matches your interests. If you do not want the information together to provide the highest quality communication to you. You can cancel the communication from us, such as newsletters, tracking, canceling cookies. Displaying advertising media on the third web site, etc.

For canceling the service, the user can click to accept or cancel at any time as you wish. If the said message or our work tracking system interferes with your use. You can learn how to unsubscribe from the website and cancel the interest immediately.

11. Contact us

Please contact the person responsible for updating and protecting the information of

By email Or send messages via the text box on the website Or registered letter to Company Limited

U Delight Residence River Front Rama 3

772/795 No.2506 Floor 25th

Bangpongpang Yannawa Bangkok 10120

Thailand 10120


When sending an email to the central office, please request and specify the name or subject that you would like to contact to solve the problem. The team will send the matter to the relevant person. To take corrective actions and will notify members as soon as possible.

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